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Retrofit solutions

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Retrofit solutions.

Retrofit solutions from Audi Genuine Accessories give your Audi its own unique character and are adapted to suit different Audi models in terms of function and design.

We reconfigure ourselves every day.
Why not reconfigure your Audi, too?

Everybody develops over time. Retrofit solutions from Audi Genuine Accessories mean you can reconfigure your Audi too. With technical features and visual details, it's easy to change it to meet new needs. Again and again.

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    Visual details

    Exterior mirror housings, decorative panels, spoilers, cast aluminium wheels and other customisation options give your Audi a new look.

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    Audi smartphone interface

    The Audi smartphone interface brings smartphone content, such as navigation, telephone, music and selected third-party apps seamlessly onto the MMI display of your Audi.

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    Rear view camera

    Reversing camera, a practical retrofit to aide reversing and parking maneuvers. Eases parking and maneuvering by displaying the area behind the vehicle in the MMI display along with dynamic and static display elements.